SMARTY is a new mobile network that will pay you for any data you don’t use

Choosing the right data allowance can be a tricky business. Some months you might need more than others, and you don’t want to risk running out… but that can also mean paying for data you don’t use. SMARTY, though, is a new mobile network that aims to simplify things.

Launching today, it refunds any data you don’t use each month by deducting the value from the following month’s fee. You’ll get refunded £1.25 for each unused gigabyte, which is exactly the same amount as you pay in the first place.

SMARTY has three plans on offer. A ‘Small’ plan which comes with 2GB of monthly data and costs £7.50, a ‘Medium’ plan which comes with 4GB and costs £10, and a ‘Large’ plan which comes with 8GB and costs £15.

Those prices are calculated based on the £1.25 per gigabyte, plus a £5 service charge, and you also get unlimited minutes and texts.

No contracts and no big bills

SMARTY will also charge you £1.25 per gigabyte that you use when you exceed your allowance, so you’re not subject to heavy charges. And you’re also free to change between the three plans every month, or cancel, as you’re not locked in to a contract.

SMARTY runs on Three’s network, so wherever you get a Three signal you should also get a signal with SMARTY, and the network seems competitively priced, though its upper-end data limits don’t come close to some networks, most notably Three itself, which has plans with unlimited data.

SMARTY only offers SIM-only plans, so if you want a contract with a shiny new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or other phone thrown in, or to simply pay as you go, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

But for anyone who wants to simplify the business of data and make sure they’re really getting their money’s worth SMARTY could be well worth a look.

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