See If You Can Pass the FBI Special Agent Test (Part 2)

You have to have outstanding skills to be considered for the role of FBI special agent. The candidates have to pass many tests and answer a number of questions that can show if they have potential. Our mind-bending super hard riddles will help you boost your brain and logic. Have you nailed Part 1 of our special FBI test? Here’s another set.


1. A serial killer 0:46
2. A chemical mystery 1:47
3. Murder at home 3:18
4. Stolen money 4:48
5. Frost on windows 6:37

-Figure out how it’s possible that both people had the same apple, but one of them died and another survived?
-Try to guess who the murderers were and how did the police know?
-Name the murderer and try to explain how the police managed to find them.
-Guess who the thief was.
-How did the detective know that John was lying?

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