Save up to £170 by getting a refurbished iPhone 7 deal

Phone retailer esave call themselves the 'Kings of Refurb'. And with the prices they've just dropped on the refurbished iPhone 7, it's difficult to refute their claim to the throne.

Whether you're just after the cheapest phone deal possible, or something with a bit more data, e2save's latest iPhone 7 prices are very attractive indeed. We've seen savings of up to £170 compared what you'd pay for a brand new iPhone 7! Check out our price comparison table below to see what's on offer, before which we've picked out our top 3 favourite iPhone 7 refurb offers.

If you're still a little bit wary about refurbished mobiles, keep reading and we'll try and put your mind at rest. And there's a potted version of TechRadar's expert review of the iPhone 7, too – the handset that controversially removed the headphone jack.

If you're going to buy a new iPhone and want the best on the market, then it's simple – go for the iPhone 7. Apple has made incremental improvements to battery life, camera quality and processor speed, plus it's the first waterproof iPhone. We would have liked to see a great leap forward from the iPhone 6S, but the iPhone 7 undoubtedly offers the finest iOS experience. Want to know more? Then read our full iPhone 7 review.

Is it safe to buy a refurbished iPhone 7?

When you're buying a shiny, new  smartphone, we completely understand that most people probably aren't too keen on the thought of being stuck with somebody's old cast-off. You may also be a bit anxious that you're receiving damaged goods.

But let us put your mind at rest. Generally speaking, most refurbed phones being sold at e2save are instances when the former owner simply changed their mind and returned the phone without using it. Those phones can't be sold as new, so they're branded as refurbished instead.

Others are sent back as faulty, but have been brought back to their best by e2save's experts. And either way, you still get a 12 month warranty honoured by Carphone Warehouse (e2save's parent company).

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