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Save the Data: 6 Data Center Security Tips

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Did you know that a data breach could have a devastating effect on your company?

In some cases, a breach might be so damaging that you have to close your business for good.

Want to learn how to avoid that? Here are 6 tips for better data center security.

1. Have as Little Devices on the Network as Possible

With every new device on your data center network, the more insecure it becomes. Ideally, you want to only have essential devices with access to the network.

It might please your employees to have their cell phones on the network, but it makes the network less secure.

2. Limit Access Rights

Many security threats involve people having higher access rights than needed. Make sure everyone only has the access rights that are necessary to do their job and no higher.

Often, a lack of proper access rights is down to the company not taking the time to understand exactly what kind of access rights different workers need to do their jobs.

3. Configure Your Firewall

Firewalls are an essential part of any data security center, but often, they aren’t configured correctly. Close up any holes in your network by making sure your firewall is properly configured.

4. Be Aware of Social Engineering

Many security threats don’t actually involve hacking into your server. Instead, they involve using social engineering.

Make sure anyone who works at your data center has been trained in how to recognize social engineering. It doesn’t matter how good your firewall is if your employees can easily be tricked into giving out their password.

5. Empower Your Employees to Report Threats

Anyone who works with your data center should have a member of staff they can approach to report any kind of security threat. You should empower your employees to report threats by making sure their reports are always appreciated.

Create a work culture in which potential threats are always reported. This may result in more false positive reports, but it will also make your internal security much tighter. 

6. Work with a Professional Data Center Company

If you want guaranteed security for your company data, you should consider working with a professional data center company, such as Netwise Hosting.

When you work with a professional data center company, you’re working with a business that has a tried and tested reputation for keeping data secure. This can help tighten up any security leaks you probably haven’t thought about. 

Your Staff Is Key to Data Center Security

A lot of companies go through great lengths to ensure their systems can’t be hacked into but they leave a weak link. If your employees can be manipulated by social engineering and phishing scams, it doesn’t matter how unhackable your systems are.

If you want the best data center security, make sure your staff is well-trained in identifying and reporting potential security threats.

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