Samsung spills the beans on the Galaxy S8

We’re getting used to seeing leaks and rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8, but what we weren’t expecting was for Samsung itself to reveal information about the phone this far ahead of its release.

But that’s exactly what’s happened, with the company’s vice chairman, Lee Jae-Yong, telling the Wall Street Journal that the S8 will have “a slick design and an improved camera.”

To be fair, those are two things we could have probably guessed, but getting confirmation of them is exciting, especially as the Samsung Galaxy S7 already has one of the best designs and cameras we’ve seen.

Two lenses and enhanced AI

So far we haven’t heard much in the way of design rumors about the Galaxy S8, but we have heard that it might have a dual-lens camera, which could be part of the improvement.

Lee also claimed that the S8 will come with an enhanced artificial intelligence service, and while he didn’t specify what that service would be, it’s likely Viv – an AI startup which Samsung now owns and which is run by some of Siri’s creators. 

We wouldn’t expect to hear too many more official details, but there are sure to be plenty more leaks ahead of the Galaxy S8’s rumored February 26 launch date.

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