Samsung Galaxy X rumored to have been shown secretly at CES 2018

The Samsung Galaxy X, one of the world’s first fully-foldable phones, has reportedly been shown off to prospective customers at CES 2018.

According to a report in The Investor, Samsung had prototypes of the foldable screen in a variety of forms and is intending on bringing the device to market in the next 12 months.

“Samsung Display said it has developed a 7.3-inch foldable panel with plans to start production later this year,” an anonymous source reportedly said to The Investor, highlighting how the device will be a larger screen that folds down to the size of a smartphone.

Gaining traction

The meeting is said to have drawn more people than previously, as interest in the foldable display grows. 

It’s reported that Samsung had two forms of folding screen on show, but chose an ‘infolding’ device due to durability issues – think an internal screen on a folding phone, rather than the outer shell which would have a bigger ‘stretch’.

The Galaxy X – which is unlikely to be the final name of the phone, especially given the release of the iPhone X – will possibly be shown in 2018, but is more likely to slip into 2019.

It’s also possible that it’ll be a Korean-only launch, in the same way as the Samsung Galaxy Round was as a proving ground for curved screens before coming to wider products like the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

From The Investor

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