Samsung Galaxy S9 to feature smaller bezels but the same aspect ratio as the S8

The Samsung Galaxy S9 should be one of the first flagship phones we see in 2018, and we’ve already heard a healthy dollop of rumors about what’s in store for Samsung’s next phone. 

The most recent gossip surrounds the display, which is apparently going to be the same but different compared with the Galaxy S8.

The same bit is the aspect ratio, which is sticking at 18.5:9, as sources speaking to GalaxyClub report. The different bit is the bezels, which are apparently going to shrink even further – and that means more screen space in the same sized device.

In fact the screen-to-body ratio is reportedly going to be as high as 90 percent on both the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 Plus, based on the information supplied to GalaxyClub (which matches a rumor we’ve heard before). It was nice knowing you, display bezels, but we’re really not going to be needing your help from this point on.

Uniform screens

The reasoning behind keeping the 18.5:9 aspect ratio, apparently, is to maintain uniformity across the Samsung smartphone range – the next batch of Galaxy A mid-range phones are also apparently coming with 18.5:9 screens, so app makers and indeed Samsung itself always know what they’re working with.

There have been hints that we could see the Galaxy S9 as early as the CES 2018 expo in January, though a Samsung spokesperson recently poured cold water on that idea. Instead it may make its debut at Mobile World Congress at the end of February, or slightly later.

Outside of the display, the speculation is that the Galaxy S9 is going to arrive with a brand new color and a brand new accessory, though the leap in specs over its predecessor might not be a huge one. As ever, take these rumors with a pinch of skepticism until Samsung has something official to share.

Via SamMobile

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