Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus to have Animoji-like 3D stickers?

We’re merely weeks away from the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9 launch, and as such little bits of information are leaking out everywhere – and the latest rumor seems to suggest Samsung is targeting the social media generation even harder.

According to SamCentral, which has been poring over the source code from the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Oreo update source material, there’s reference to 3D stickers in the mix.

What would that mean? Well, that’s where things get a little woolly, as the source material seems to suggest that you’ll be able to change the depth and focus of the stickers… but they’re also called 3D stickers.

That makes things a little confusing – but you’ll almost certainly need dual cameras to make this feature work.

So where are the dual cameras?

If this feature is coming to the Note 8, then one can assume that the 3D stickers feature will be coming as part of the rear camera setup. Ideally, the stickers would be mapped onto the scene, and as the phone is tilted, they’ll roll and focus alongside, making a more unique and shareable photo.

If this was to be a headline feature of the Samsung Galaxy S9 launch, it would have to be on the larger of the pair – the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – as that’s the phone tipped to have the dual cameras on the rear (the smaller version just sticking with the single sensor).

However, there is an outside chance that the Galaxy S9 pair could come with more advanced front-facing cameras, which would allow for depth-perceived stickers to be used as a reaction to Apple’s face-detecting Animoji.

What will that look like? We’ll have to wait until the end of February to find out – as the launch event is set to appear at MWC 2018.

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