Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus benchmarked with towering score

Following hot on the heels of a Samsung Galaxy S9 benchmark we’ve now seen a benchmark supposedly for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, and it’s even more impressive.

The Geekbench 4 results, spotted by Telefoonabonnement, show a single-core score of 3,773 and a multi-core result of 9,024.

This is for the Exynos 9810 version of the phone, which is likely to be found in most regions outside the US, and to put those results into perspective the Exynos 9810 model of the standard Samsung Galaxy S9 saw single-core results of 3,648 and a multi-core score of 8,894.

The difference isn’t huge and can likely be accounted for by the 6GB of RAM present in the Galaxy S9 Plus benchmarked here, compared to 4GB in the standard Galaxy S9. But they’re very high scores, and far higher than you might get from the Snapdragon 845 variant which is likely to be sold in the US.

With scores like that the Galaxy S9 Plus is set to be very powerful. Credit: Geekbench

Exynos beats Snapdragon

Although that hasn’t popped up in Geekbench yet, we have benchmarked a reference device using the Snapdragon 845 and that got a single-core score of 2,465 and a multi-core one of 8,427.

The difference isn’t hugely surprising, as Samsung’s top-end Exynos chipsets usually perform better in benchmarks than Qualcomm’s Snapdragon ones, and in real-world use you probably wouldn’t be able to notice much if any difference, as those are all very high scores.

The upshot being that wherever you live Samsung’s two upcoming flagships should be very powerful, but the Exynos version of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is likely to be the fastest, while the Snapdragon version of the standard Galaxy S9 will probably be the slowest.

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