Samsung Galaxy S9 might be one of the first phones with Android P

A phone like the Samsung Galaxy S9 is only as good as the software powering it. Thankfully, its recently discovered support for Project Treble means that it should be running Android P and Android Q shortly after their release, SamMobile reports.

Project Treble is a relatively new initiative, first detailed at Google IO 2017, that makes the process of adopting the latest and greatest version of Android faster and easier for phone makers. At least, theoretically.

What used to take a months, at best, could now be greatly reduced. Treble essentially makes phones future-proof from the point of manufacturing by changing the way these phones work on the software end. The vendor implementation in Android’s  architecture has been streamlined, allowing device makers to bring anticipated updates at a faster pace.

Why is Treble important for Samsung?

Sometimes, even the best Android phones are left behind because of outdated software. While they’re usually covered from a security standpoint, owners want access to new features introduced with each major Android release.

This perfectly describes the Samsung Galaxy S8’s update situation, which was in recent news because of issues that plagued the already-late roll-out of Android Oreo. Treble won’t solve the odd issue popping up, delaying the release of software, but it should generally lead to less overall work for software developers.

It’s more crucial than ever for Samsung to stay on top of the latest Android releases, at least if it wants to be a true competitor to the Google Pixel 3, which will likely be the first phone to launch pre-loaded with Android P. 

Seeing Treble on the S9 is a good indicator that Samsung is taking updates seriously.

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