Samsung Galaxy S9 may come with Bluetooth AKG headphones in the box

If you buy a Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus or Galaxy Note 8 you’ll get a free pair of Samsung earbuds that are “tuned by AKG”, but a new rumor suggests the headset in the box of the upcoming Galaxy S9 may be significantly better.

According to the rumor – from Ice Universe, who supplied accurate information ahead of the Galaxy Note 8 launch – the headphones supplied in the box with the new flagship phone will work via Bluetooth.

That’s a bit of a surprise, considering Samsung already sells its own Icon X wireless headphones too, as putting a free pair in the box may discourage people from buying the Icon X.

Freebies in the box

The source doesn’t think the company is guaranteed to lose the 3.5mm headphone jack because of this rumor though.

A post from Ice Universe claims the company is still including the legacy tech on its latest prototype devices, but it may still be dropped at some point.

We’ve seen rumors since the middle of last year that claim the Galaxy S9 will be set to lose the tech, so it could be on the cards, and putting a pair of Bluetooth headphones in the box would make a few who are unhappy about the loss of the tech a bit happier.

The source also claimed that the camera on the Galaxy S9 may include a new anti-glare coating tech. It’s called BBAR and that stands for Broadband Anti-Reflection.

It’s a type of coating that will apparently go over the camera lens to help fight ghost images where photos blur together, but we don’t currently know how this differs to the anti-glare coatings already used by phones.

Via Phone Arena

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