Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: Redemption In Glass

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are probably the most important Android smartphones of the year. To Samsung, they’re a chance to regain the public trust; to gadget nerds, they pack more cutting-edge features than any other mobile; and to normals, they’re the phones that are about to be plastered across every billboard and TV screen from here to the holidays. I’m Michael Fisher and I’ve spent a week with the Galaxy S8 and S8+; let’s see if they deserve your dollars in MrMobile’s Galaxy S8 Review/Galaxy S8+ Review!



Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ [Samsung]:

Samsung Galaxy S8 [Amazon]

LG G6 [Amazon]

Xiaomi Mi Mix [Gearbest]

TYLT Vu Qi Wireless Charger

Samsung Fast Wireless Charger

Samsung Gear VR 2017:

Lamicall Adjustable Phone Stand:


MrMobile’s Samsung Galaxy S8 Review/Galaxy S8+ Review was produced following one week with a Galaxy S8 review device and a Galaxy S8+ review device, each on loan from Samsung. The devices were used on T-Mobile US in Greater Boston and the primary S8+ was paired to one wearable, a Gear S3 Frontier. Additional Bluetooth pairing took place with a Maven Chevy Malibu, and worked without incident. Software on each Galaxy S8 review unit was pre-production.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Review [Android Central]

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