Samsung Galaxy S7: The Best Android Phone You Can Buy [Summer 2016]

Claiming anything to be “the best” in a field as subjective as smartphones is asking for trouble, especially in a year of great Android phone releases. But I’ve carried the Samsung Galaxy S7, on and off, for the past 90 days … and when people ask me which is the best Android phone out there … it’s the Samsung Galaxy S7 that I point to. Join me for MrMobile’s long-overdue Galaxy S7 review – and let me know what smartphone works the best for you: sound off in the comments below! (Just keep it clean, you guys; we’re all friends here.)

Graphics erroneously state the Galaxy S7 has 3GB of RAM. In fact, it has 4GB. MrMobile regrets the error.


This review was based on 90 days of usage on retail hardware purchased by Mobile Nations. It was tested on T-Mobile and AT&T between Greater Boston, New York City, and rural Long Island. Throughout the test period, the Galaxy S7 was paired with a Motorola Moto 360v2.


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