Samsung Galaxy Note 8 deals: what price should you expect to pay?

What's that coming over the hill? It's a big, shiny, brute of a device. Part mobile phone, part tablet, all business. It's the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and it has a point to prove.

It might seem a tad unfair, but we can't not mention the Galaxy Note 7 debacle when talking about its successor. Samsung's 2016 aborted project due to overheating and fire risks means that we've had to wait two years for a (fingers crossed) fully functioning Note-branded phablet from the South Korean tech behemoth.

But August 2017 will see tech fans finally move on from that chapter in history. And if you're among the number baying for a new Note 8 deal, you've come to the right place. We can tell you about all the information so far released about the price of the Note 8 and its availability. And if you're waiting it out for a contract plan, then find out TechRadar's expert guess as to how much you're likely to have to pay – and whether it will be worth waiting for a Black Friday deal!

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Galaxy Note 8 price: how much will deals cost?

Aha – just want to get straight down to business do you? We like the cut of your jib. Well we hope you're ready for this…we don't yet know. Sorry!

And we're not likely to find out until the launch later this month, but we're confident the price tag isn't going to be pretty. The Galaxy Note 7 handset cost £749 ($850/AU$1,349) on release, but industry insiders have told us that the Note 8 SIM free phone is much more likely to sell in the region of an eye-watering £900 on release.

So if you were hoping that the failure of the Note 7 may help to keep prices down, we're afraid you're very much mistaken  - we already know that from the prices we saw on the launch of the Galaxy S8 earlier this year. The pricing trend is heading in one direction only and that's up, with manufacturers like Samsung and Apple knowing that legions of tech fans will pay whatever it takes to get hold of the latest devices.

When can I buy the Galaxy Note 8?

The official Galaxy Note 8 announcement from Samsung is due to take place on Wednesday August 23 and we expect pre-orders to be made available straight away.

As to when you'll actually be able to get your hands (note the plural, this will be a massive phone!) on the Note 8, expect an on-sale date of September 15.

You can already pre-register your interest at Carphone Warehouse. The retailer will send you an email as soon as it's available to pre-order so you don't forget.

EE has also already confirmed it will the selling the Note 8 when it goes on sale. Again, you can register your interest on its website.

TechRadar predicts the best Galaxy Note 8 deal

If the thought of parting ways with the best part of £1,000 for your new phone brings you out in a rash, then you're going to want to know how much you should expect to pay for a Galaxy Note 8 contract deal.

Galaxy Note devices have traditionally been Samsung's most expensive handsets, demanding the highest tariffs. So we'd imagine that the Note 8 will be set at a higher price than what the Galaxy S8 Plus (the most expensive Samsung phone ever on release) cost on release back in April.

Bearing that in mind – and taking a look back at what the Galaxy Note 7 was going for when it hit the market – we think that the best contract deal on the Note 8 will look something like this:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 | £199 upfront | 2GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £40pm
We'd expect that at least one of the networks – whether it be EE, Vodafone or O2 – will come in with a price point around about the £40 mark to tempt customers their way. But at that kind of tariff, you can't really expect a free handset or a huge amount of data to play with in the pre-order phase. If you're lucky, one of the main retailers might start throwing cashback incentives or free wireless speakers around, but we'd be very surprised if you're able to pick up the Note 8 for less than £1000 over the two years. If you want a decent amount of data, expect to pay a lot more than this. Total cost over 24 months is £1159

That kind of tariff would make the Note 8 around £100 more expensive over the course of the contract than we saw the Note 7 and Galaxy S8+ go up for on release. Of course, as soon as prices are announced by the networks, we'll let you know which ones offer the best value.

If you need the Note 8 but 2GB isn't enough data for you, then we expect that you're more likely to be looking at around the £42-£45pm mark for 5GB, up to £50pm for 10GB and in excess of that amount for big data deals.

If you do have that spare £900-odd knocking around and are wondering if you can get clever by buying the Note 8 outright and then teaming it up with one of our best SIM only deals then we doubt it will be worth it – especially if you're not prepared to settle for negligible monthly data. For example, if you grabbed this 4GB data £9 per month Three SIM, you'd end up above the £1100 mark over the two years anyway.

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