Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition battery is different in more ways than one, teardown shows

Despite it almost ruining Samsung's reputation beyond repair, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is making a comeback.

However, in a move to avoid another recall of the tarnished phablet, the limited-run Samsung Galaxy Note 7 "Fan Edition" will feature some major changes to its battery, according to a teardown by iFixit.

The South Korea-exclusive Fan Edition features a brand-new, lower-capacity battery that holds 3,200mAh of juice, down from the original Note 7's 3,500mAh.

However, it's not just smaller energy storage that's meant to prevent the Fan Edition from overheating, but also a smaller form factor.

In this case, size does matter

Though we've known for a while that the Fan Edition would sport a lower-capacity battery, iFixit's teardown finds the new battery is also physically smaller, both in mass and dimension. 

This is likely because one of the original Note 7's biggest flaws was that the batteries were incorrectly sized, making them prone to swelling, punctures and ultimately, catching fire.

While by no means a massive downgrade, (Apple is hush-hush about exact specifications, but the competing iPhone 7 Plus reportedly has just 2,900mAh of battery life) the reduced juice and size on the Fan Edition's battery should help it avoid meeting the same self-immolating fate of its predecessor.

That said, Samsung fans still may want to think twice before taking a Fan Edition on a plane. Even if it's a refurbished model, flight authorities (especially in the US) may have a hard time taking your word for it if they see the infamous no-fly-list phone in your luggage.

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