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Rock Around the Clock: The Top 10 Online Time Management Tools

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In today’s gig economy, more and more of us find ourselves with some sort of side hustle. If you’re driving for Uber, you have built-in ways to track the time you spend working and to get paid for that work. But if you’re freelancing on your own, managing your time and projects can be a challenge.

If you’re working as a freelancer, having good time management tools is key to your success.

From tracking the time you spend working to staying organized and motivated, these tools can make or break your side hustle. Read on to learn about some of the best time management tools on the market today. 


Asana is a fantastic all-in-one tool for keeping track of tasks, projects, and other time management issues. Their system supports multiple users, so your entire work team can all collaborate to manage projects through Asana. They also have a variety of plugins you can incorporate to customize your workspace for your needs. 

Asana provides a number of ways for you to track your work, whether you prefer to focus on your work by task or by day. They have a calendar that shows all your upcoming tasks, color-coded by project. You can also build per-project calendars and link them up with Harvest, Toggl, and Time Clock Wizard, time-tracking apps we’ll discuss later.


If you’re the kind who likes to see everything on your plate at once, Trello is a great choice for you. Their dashboard is simple and colorful, built with cards that hold your tasks for each different project. You can see your teams, priorities, current projects, and completed projects all at a glance. 

But Trello’s capability goes way further than what shows up on the dashboard. You can also share files and images with others on your team and create unlimited task lists. This allows for fantastic collaboration with your team to get all your projects checked off well before the deadline. 


Toggl is a fantastic option for tracking the time you spend working on projects, a must-have if you work on a freelance basis. Trying to keep track of your hours on your own can be a pain – what time did you start working on that Jones project again? But with apps like Toggl, you can set the timer running in the background and go to work worry-free. 

Toggl allows for unlimited projects and sub-projects so you and your clients know exactly where your time goes.

You can generate reports about team projects, and you can set up online and offline tracking. It also integrates with other apps like Asana, Trello, and more so you can have your project and time management in the same place.


Replicon is another great option for tracking time on different client projects. But with Replicon, you can also manage your billing in the same app. No one wants to pay for a separate accounting program and then have to generate invoices manually – with Replicon, you don’t have to.

With Replicon, you can track your time on detailed time sheets, complete with multiple billing rates for different users. You can even set up project budgeting so you don’t wind up doing more work than your client can pay for. Once you get ready to bill the client, you can generate an invoice and track whether it’s been paid all in the same app.

Rescue Time

How often have you sat down to work and found yourself twenty minutes later six articles down a Wikipedia rabbit hole? We’re all guilty of getting distracted at work, especially if you’re your own boss, and when you’re working freelance, lost time is lost money. Rescue Time helps you cut down on those distractions and reclaim the time you need to spend working.

Rescue Time runs securely in the background on your computer any time you’re working on it. It keeps track of where and how you spend your time, including on social media, scrolling through news sites, and playing games.

At the end of each week, it sends you an analysis of your time usage from the week and highlights achievements in your time management.

Focus Booster

We’ve all had days when we sit down to work and just can’t seem to get up the motivation to do what we need to. It’s so easy to click over to our favorite Sudoku site and spend the next four hours ignoring our mounting workload. Focus Booster can help you stay on task and resist the siren song of time-wasting websites and activities.

Focus Booster uses the principles of the Pomodoro Technique, a system that uses timed intervals of work interspersed by short breaks. It’s aimed at chronic procrastinators and helps boost your motivation and reduce anxiety. Its dashboard is filled with different graphs showing your progress and how you’ve spent your time.


Like Toggl and Replicon, Harvest is an online time tracking app that helps you keep up with how much time you spend on each project. Their interface is simple and intuitive – you have tabs where you can track your time, manage your projects and clients, and generate invoices. The program helps you keep up with billing, allowing you to send invoices directly to your clients and mark when they’re paid.

Harvest also integrates with Asana and other similar project management apps, so you don’t have to keep a thousand programs running at once. Set the timer running when you go to work, and pause it when you’re done.

It’ll keep up with how much time you’ve spent on each project and how much you’ve worked overall in a week, and it has a motivational quote for you at the start of each new day.

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Having good time management tools is key to running a successful freelance business or generally improving your productivity. It’s easy to get distracted and lose track of how much time you spend working and what you need to do next. These tools will keep you organized and bringing in the cash. 

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