5 tips to become a Programming Expert

5 tips to become a Programming Expert

Are you ready to become a programming expert? I have five straight forward tips you can follow that will help you become better at programming, by using these tips you can optimize your potential to be the best programmer you can be.

Know Your Basics

You need to understand the basic structure of programming and have a solid foundation in order to be successful, if a problem arises with complex code you can break the code down to its simplest form and find a solution. Along with keeping code basic also make sure it is visually neat you put a well-organized coat, away for a few months and come back to it you should be able to quickly pick up where you left off and understand what you were trying to accomplish.

Practice Makes Perfect

Author Malcolm Gladwell says “it takes 10,000 hours semester skill” so you really need to devote time to programming if you want to become better at it. There are plenty of ways to practice your programming apart from just writing out code, you can join an open source project on GitHub, buy books of programming puzzles and challenges or find game sites an online contest such as coach.com or the hacker.org challenge.


Be Open and Adapt to Change

In this quickly changing technological world you have to be receptive to new programs and learning new skills, there will always be something you to learn. Keeping up the latest technology may seem daunting but it is important to learn the newest trends so that you can use the right tools when needed this will also make sure that projects you’re working on don’t become outdated before they are even published.


The more you read about a topic the more you learn. Read documentation, articles and research also read other people’s code and have your code read. You can pick up useful tips and see what works and what doesn’t while also getting valuable feedback.

Help Others

Don’t just post your questions on forums or groups but also answer the questions of your peers not only is it consider it but reading other people’s questions or concerns may in turn help you answer your own questions, even if you aren’t sure of an answer research it and try to find a solution.

If you are serious about becoming a better programmer these tips will surely help, use them wisely young grasshoppers.


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