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Programmers are Awesome

Programmers are Awesome:

Are programmers a computer genius or perhaps a simple geek but it is not what a programmer is! It’s what a programmer does.

Through programming anything is possible a whole world of possibilities await those who enter its realms, whether it is a world of fantasy and adventure,,, to a spreadsheet used for basic functions, A programmer holds an entire universe on their fingertips.


What will you create?

Have you ever heard of or programmed or designed on HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Assembly or Objective C, most people reading this article probably haven’t and these are just a few of the hundreds of available programming/scripting languages but whether you know it or not you use these languages every day.

Do you own an iPhone? Then you have used objective C,

Do you own an Android? Then you have used Java,

Have you ever messaged your friend? Then you have used PHP,

Have you ever looked at a web-page? Then you have used HTML and CSS,

Have you ever played a game on the internet? Then you have used JavaScript,

Have you ever used a calculator? Then you have used Assembly,

If you have ever done any of these things, you are at level one of technology users, level one just describes the user interface and consists of normal everyday people.

The next level up is level two and is about developing and consists of regular computer programmers.

The final level, level three is about hardware development and making programming just by you, this level consists of anyone from a radio program to people such as Steve jobs and bill gates, who didn’t create but greatly improved such languages such as C++ and ultra basic.

Computer programmers come in great variety; you can have a simple web developer to someone who takes on the great syntax of JAVA. Computer programmers don’t always know what kind of programmer they will turn out to be, some could be solely interested in JAVA but turn out to be an iOS Objective-C developer,

You should not be wondering about what type or kind of programmer you could or will be, the true question you should be asking yourself is… What will you create?

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