5 Very Useful and Growing Pakistani Health Related Android Apps

Pakistani Android Health Apps

Pakistanis are striding ahead in numerous fields however IT swarm in Pakistan has become noticeable in the previous couple of years. The entire world is gradually understanding the monstrous capability of the country as this country is rich in talent. We are glad to present health related Android applications that the Play Store holds however these are an extraordinary applications, these have been created by our own special Pakistani Developers.

It’s time to take your future and your health into your own hands.

1- MARHAM – Find a Doctor

Marham is the Digital Healthcare Solution for the people of Pakistan. It is designed to address the Medical and Health issues posed to patients and doctors. It can help you in finding Doctors, Physicians, Consultants and Tabeebs around you.


The main features are:

  • Find doctors through specialty.
  • Search doctors by name or hospitals.
  • Find consultants through general diseases.
  • You can post health related questions on Marham forum and get instant help about the right doctors.
  • Make informed decisions on the basis of the doctors’ details like qualification, degrees, experience, fee and appointment numbers.
  • Integrated maps can help you in finding the address to physician’s clinic.
  • It has ability to share doctor’s information with others through any medium like Facebook, twitter, whats app and SMS
  • To improve the healthcare ecosystem, Marham encourages people to share their feedback about doctors so that other can get timely benefited of it
  • If you are a doctor you can register yourself and can also report about incorrect information.
  • Through this ecosystem the patient can keep their privacy intact. They can get the solution of their health problems by not revealing their identity.

You can find consultants from all of below mentioned categories.

  • Dentists – Dentistry
  • General Physicians – Internal Medicines
  • Cardiologists – Cardiac Surgeons – Heart Specialists
  • Neurologist – Neuro Surgeons – mental health
  • Drug addiction
  • Psychologist – psychiatrists
  • Pulmonologist – Pulmonology
  • Dermatologists – Dermatology
  • Ophthalmologist – Eye Specialists
  • ENT – ear, nose, throat specialists
  • Gastroenterology – Gastroenterology
  • Gynecologist – Gynecology – Infertility-genital problems – Sexual problems
  • Urologists – Urology – Kidney surgeons
  • Nephrologist- nephrology – kidney specialist
  • Orthopedics – Orthopedic Surgeon – Bones problem
  • Liver Specialist – liver surgeons
  • Dietitians – Nutritionists – diet plans – exercises
  • Oncologist – Oncology – cancer specialist
  • General surgeons – Specialist surgeons

Current Cities:

  • Lahore, Pakistan
  • Karachi, Pakistan
  • Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Rawalpindi, Pakistan
  • Multan, Pakistan
  • Gujranwala, Pakistan
  • Sialkot, Pakistan
  • Peshawar, Pakistan
  • Bahawalpur, Pakistan
  • Faisalabad, Pakistan
  • Kasur, Pakistan
  • Sargodha, Pakistan
  • Abbotabad, Pakistan


2- Pharmapedia Pakistan

Pharmapedia Pakistan gives you free, offline access to information on generic drugs (dosages, indications, more), medicine brands in Pakistan with prices and available forms, alternate brands and much more.


Main Features are:

  • Beautiful design, sleek layout.
  • Built-in intelligent search with auto-complete.
  • Drugs’ overview, dosages, indications, side-effects, contraindications and high-risk groups.
  • Available brands for every generic drug/formula, including a combination of generic drugs.
  • Prices & available forms like tablets, syrup, injection, infusion, drops & suspension available for every brand.
  • Find alternate brands for every medicine including prices, forms and company.
  • Bookmark any drug or brand, get quick access to recently searched items.

The app can be used by anyone seeking medical information, which can include doctors, pharmacists, medical reps, medical students, patients, general public or anyone curious about medicines. It’s a drugs dictionary, or a medical dictionary. This version lists brands/medicines in Pakistan while generic drugs section can be used by anyone, worldwide.

3- My Tabeeb

My Tabeeb is a Premier Healthcare Solution of Pakistan that helps you find a doctor (s), Consultant (s), Physician (s), Clinic (s) or Hospital (s) with all necessary details. The app provides Mobility, Proximity and Smarter Search results. Use the Smart Search Filters to look for Doctors related to your concern and even share the contact information of the doctor with your friends and family easily.


Main Features are: 

  • Search doctors and hospitals within Proximity by doctor name, Hospital, Area, Gender or Specialization
  • View doctor’s schedule, timings, all practice centers, qualifications, specializations and gender
  • View facilities and services provided by hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers
  • Call to Book appointment directly from the app
  • Find your way to the hospital with integrated Google Maps with directions from your current location
  • Share doctor’s and hospital information with your loved ones via SMS, Whats App, Email and Facebook
  • Instant Calling to Ambulance service and other important Emergency Number
  • You can Bookmark doctor to refer it later
  • The app provides information offline for the already visited doctor and clinic

This app is for doctors, patients and any person who is looking for Medical help maybe for self or for other.

The app contains doctors from more than 50 broad categories/specializations including

  • Allergy Specialist,
  • Audiologist,
  • Breast Surgeon,
  • Cardiologist,
  • Chest Specialist,
  • Child Specialist,
  • Dentist,
  • Dental Surgeon,
  • Dermatologist,
  • Diabetologist,
  • Dietitian/Nutritionist,
  • ENT (Ear Nose Throat),
  • Eye Specialist,
  • Female Health,
  • Foot Surgeon,
  • Gastroenterology,
  • General Physician,
  • Genetics and Metabolism,
  • Geriatrician,
  • Gynecologist/obstetrician,
  • Hakeem,
  • Homeopath,
  • Infectious Diseases,
  • Infertility Specialist,
  • Internal Medicine,
  • Maxillofacial Surgeons,
  • Nephrologist,
  • Neuro Surgeon,
  • Neurologist,
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology,
  • Oncologist, Ophthalmologist,
  • Pain Management,
  • Pediatrician,
  • Physiotherapist,
  • Psychiatrist,
  • Psychologist,
  • Radiology,
  • Skin Specialist,
  • Speech Therapist,
  • Thalassemia
  • Urologist

Cities of Pakistan

  • Karachi, Sindh
  • Islamabad, Federal
  • Rawalpindi, Punjab
  • Lahore, Punjab
  • Peshawar, KPK
  • Multan, Punjab
  • Faisalabad, Punjab


4- Mohafiz

Developed to be a master platform for all emergencies, Mohafiz is an application that allows you to broadcast a life-threatening situation to your nominated In Case of Emergency (ICE) contacts through SMS. These may be your immediate family members, your neighbors, friends, colleagues, people whom you know and trust to let go of everything to come to your assistance when you need it the most.


Main Features are:

  • Lets you broadcast your emergencies through SMS and Twitter to those whom you know will drop everything to come to your aid when your life depends on it.
  • Lets you send and receive Blood Donations from registered volunteer donors in your city.
  • Apprises you of developing situations in your city that may impact your quality of life or the life of those that you love through its Mohafiz News Feed.
  • Contains a pre-programmed list of emergency numbers connecting you to the pertinent authorities in your city for any situation.

Right at this moment, we are vulnerable to a number of threats to our lives. From medical emergencies, house fires, road accidents, armed robberies to full blown terrorist attacks, and to top it all, we live in a third world country and like most third world countries there are some harsh realities to our way of life. With the Mohafiz mobile application, not only are we encouraging each other to become each other’s Mohafiz, we are making the process simpler, allowing us to reach out to one another at the press of a button. When faced with a life-threatening emergency, such as being robbed at home or outside, a terrorist incident, a medical emergency or a car accident, use the Mohafiz App to alert your dependable loved ones that your life is in danger.

Mohafiz is an application that allows you to broadcast a life-threatening situation to your nominated In Case of Emergency (ICE) contacts through SMS. These may be your immediate family members, your neighbors, friends, colleagues, people whom you know and trust to let go of everything to come to your assistance when you need it the most.

Mohafiz also allows you to send and receive Blood Donations from registered blood donors in your city.

5- Find My Doctor

This App is just a click away to help you locate the best doctors near you. Find my Doctor provides you with convenience of finding the nearest doctor to you to cover all your medical needs. You can locate, review, compare and make appointments as per your healthcare needs.
Find my doctor connects doctors and patients together for mutual benefit. The app provides you with information such as, the doctor’s qualification, specialization, experience, availability (timing) and fee. It gives you a chance to book yourself an appointment and free yourself from the hassle of waiting in long lines.


Main Features are:

  • Now you can get reminders for your medicine and appointment.
  • Blood requirement tab will notify all the users if blood is required.
  • Health tips.
  • Locate nearest blood banks, pharmacy and hospitals.

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