Pakistan Post launches Cash on Delivery across the country

Pakistan post

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Pakistan Post has launched Cash on Delivery which is focused on meeting the changing needs of customers but introducing efficiency and convenience to the customers.

As the needs of the customers go beyond the basic services offered by the Pakistan Post, the Post has found a way of meeting the new and more sophisticated needs. Through the Cash on Delivery Service (UMS-COD), the government body is focused on doing what is best for its large number of customers. An official stated that this new service is a response to the changing needs of the customers all of which are driven by technology. It is thus a way for the firm to position itself correctly in the face of competitors in the same industry.

The Pakistan Post also launched a corporate variant of this service to meet the needs of its corporate customers. The Cash on Delivery Service will thus be available to everyone who wishes to employ them in improving their services. Even better is the fact that the Cash on Delivery Service by the Pakistan Post will be linked with the UMS (Unified Messaging Service) which will be made available in 226 towns and cities across the country.

The launch of the Cash on Delivery Service by the Pakistan Post spells a major milestone in the history of the Post. Its operations began in 1947 where it was called the Department of Post and Telegraph. Come 1962, its operations were focused only on post office services. From these humble beginnings, the Pakistan Post would grow to serve more than 20 million households, government departments, and businesses in more than 13,000 post offices in the country. It has thus become a reliable partner when it comes to communication in the whole country.

In the last four years alone, the Pakistan Post has established in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa 22 new post offices all of which have made it easier for the post office to serve its customers. These new branches, coupled with the new UMS-COD service from the Pakistan Post, will ensure that all parties have reliable services from the government body.

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