Out now in Australia: The 100 Greatest Xbox One Games

The freedom to choose! What a gift. Take a look at the Xbox Games Store, though, and your eyeballs will be swamped with games, games, games, washed out of your skull by award-winning-Gears-of-War-this, fan-favourite-Halo-that, and Forza Motorsport belching smoke as it tears away over the horizon. 

Don’t fret. At Official Xbox Magazine Australia our crack team of experts takes pride in distilling the excellent from the excrement and the fanciful from the failing, and has crafted a glossy, limited-edition 116-page guide which artfully reveals the 100 greatest Xbox One games. 

Whether you’re an existing Xbox One owner craving a new challenge, or you’re clamouring to wrap your hands around the world’s most powerful gaming console — the beastly Xbox One X — this is the perfect companion to supplement your Xbox experience.

A list of the best games isn’t all you get, either… because what good is glory without some context? To tell the stories behind these titles, we’ve also spoken to their creators to bring you exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes access, wringing them dry of their secrets and insights. 

Not bad for a premium, magazine-format book that can be yours for just $14.95, right? And we’ll even throw in free shipping to Australian addresses!

To get your copy of this glossy, print-only special, head over to isubscribe to purchase online with free delivery, or visit your nearest news retailer from September 4, 2017. Better hurry though, because this limited edition is only available while stocks last! 

* Disclaimer: No science was actually used in the creation of this mighty tome. May include trace amounts of subjectivity.

Grab your copy now for $14.95 from isubscribe:

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