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[OnePlus 6 Review]

Never Settle. It is the core of the OnePlus philosophy – the mantra that, to some, makes it more than just another smartphone company. But OnePlus has indeed “settled” in one sense: it’s traded the brash claims of its youth for the calm consistency of maturity, churning out smartphones year after year that deliver on its central promise of value. So from a storytelling perspective, the OnePlus 6 is frustratingly predictable. Because what it is is what it’s always been: more smartphone for less money. So the narrative is predictable too: it’s still one of the best buys in wireless. I’m MrMobile; this is the OnePlus 6 review.


OnePlus 6 Review [Android Central]:

OnePlus 6 Hands-On



MrMobile’s OnePlus 6 Review was produced following 10 days with a OnePlus 6 review device provided by OnePlus. The device as reviewed was the 8GB/128GB Matte Black version, which received three software updates during the review period. It was tested on T-Mobile US in Boston and across New Mexico in the United States.


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