OnePlus 5T price may not jump up after all

With each passing generation we’ve seen OnePlus phones jump up slightly in price, leaving the OnePlus 5 as the most expensive phone yet from the company at $479 (£449, AU$599).

We now have a confirmation from OnePlus that the price for the upcoming OnePlus 5T won’t be extreme, but it may still cost more than the OnePlus 5 did.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau commented on a Weibo post where someone asked if they’d be able to buy the new phone for 4,000 Chinese yuan (about $600, £450, AU$780) and Lau confirmed that it’ll be enough.

Considering the price of the OnePlus 5 started at $479 (£449, AU$599) it makes sense that you’ll be able to buy the new phone for under $600, as OnePlus has generally upped its price by about $50 (£40, AU$60) with each new generation.

Lau’s comment was posted under his Chinese account where he’s known as Liu Zuhu

Keeping the price down

That OnePlus 5 price was for the most basic model with 64GB of internal memory and 6GB of RAM, but the 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM variant costs more at $539 (£499, AU$699).

Hopefully OnePlus will keep the OnePlus 5T’s price down to a similar amount to what the OnePlus 5 cost, but it may be that the company opts to only offer a 128GB version of the phone and keeps that version of the phone below $600.

We also need to bear in mind that Lau was commenting on the Chinese price of the phone, so there may be some slight differences when talking about the prices of the device in the west.

All of that said, it’s good to have confirmation that the price hike on the OnePlus 5T – assuming there’s a hike at all – won’t see it reach up to the $600+ price of a lot of other flagship phones on the market right now.

We should hopefully learn all about the phone before long, as the company has now confirmed the phone’s called the OnePlus 5T and a new teaser on Twitter suggests it’ll be launching in New York at some point soon.

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