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Offshore Web Hosts: Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Started

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As an increasing number of companies are grappling with data storage solutions, it’s clear that keeping things housed in your basement is no longer enough. The frequency at which companies and individuals are hacked is enough to remind us all that we need to take storage seriously. If we don’t consider the role of offshore web hosts, we risk putting our productivity at risk.

Here is everything you need to know about offshore web hosts.

Do You Need Offshore Hosting?

The type of company that needs offshore hosting used to fit a very specific profile. That profile has expanded and now entails a lot of different types of companies and users.

While developed countries used to have their hosting needs outsourced to developing nations, the inverse is now starting to happen. When users in developed nations needed to save money with low-cost hosting, they once turned to those developing nations just building their infrastructure. As companies in developing nations are now hustling to try to offer better features to their customers they’re using companies in developed nations.

When it comes to security and confidentiality, the developed nations are a cut above of the developing nations. However, when it comes to the actual cost of the electricity and running the machines, developing countries have the price to beat.

One of the reasons companies seek offshore hosting is when they’re working on the margins of what’s legal. In some Asian countries, poker sites and casinos are banned, making online versions very attractive to users. Companies in Asia looking to break into their home markets are going to seek hosting solutions in the US and other developed nations.

Banned products, forbidden content, and things that aren’t allowed in one country can be engineered by residents of the prohibitive country. They just need the information to be stored somewhere else.

Offshore Hosting to Global Customers

Given that there are various reasons why people pursue offshore hosting, the fact is that there are serious needs that have to be met. When you’re seeking offshore hosting solutions, you’re looking for discretion, privacy, and to have a hosting solution that delivers time and time again.

Any mistakes and you’d abandon your hosting services right away. They know that and you know that. The only problem is that they can’t always deliver.

No matter where you are, you might be interested in hosting websites. If you’re in a developing country, you need to find a system that’s easy and simple to run. If you’re in a developed county, you need to ensure that your system is robust and meets the security needs of your customers.

That’s the whole reason that they’re seeking you out in the first place

No matter the reason for offshore hosting, the data that’s kept on those hosting servers needs to be secure. If a user wants to have their identity kept secret, it’s up to you to protect their privacy through it all.

Consider Everything Carefully

When you’re opting for offshore web services, you need to know that your service provider is giving you useful functionality that you can use. Some providers will stuff services into your package, even if you don’t need them. This is a way of padding your services to have them cost more than they should.

There’s a difference in time zone between the two countries usually. This means that there’s going to be a different environment of working between the two countries. This can lead to all kinds of communication issues when tech glitches arise and there are problems that need to be resolved in a timely manner.

If you’re the offshore hosting provider, you need to make sure your customers are protected from problems. IF there are language issues, you need to have some translators on site. This also helps you to grow into international markets depending on the kinds of services you’re trying to provide as you grow your business.

When companies go with an unknown host, there’s always the possibility that their host could disappear and delete the site out of the blue. This is more common than you’d think. When this happens, you need to have a backup plan.

If you’re the company whose site disappeared, you’re going to wish you vetted your partner better.

Disasters Are Real

As climate change becomes an ever more relevant problem for small business and companies operating anywhere near a shoreline, you want to be protected. Even if you just need to stay protected from a fire, you have to ensure that you’re prepared for what could happen.

One of the reasons for an offshore backup is to have something to keep your business moving if you run into a bad climate pattern. When this happens, you have to avoid power surges, keeping drives plugged in, or even having any physical data storage on site.

However, this happens more commonly than we think so we need a backup. Every backup that you have should have a backup somewhere.

If there’s a fire, you’re going to lose anything that you have on site. If you’re the storage solution that other companies rely on, you need to protect them by keeping a backup somewhere with very different weather patterns. This ensures you don’t run into this problem in the future.

If you’re deciding whether or not to have your own dedicated servers, take some time to read more now.

Offshore Web Hosts Play an Important Role

In the ecosystem of data storage, offshore web hosts play an important role. They ensure that data is protected from local or domestic problems. They also keep businesses running, even in moments of crisis.

If you’re wondering if you can handle it all alone, check out our guide for hiring managed IT services to help.