Nintendo Switch is on sale for Amazon Prime Day, but there’s a catch

Amazon Prime Day 2017 is a 30-hour-long bargain bonanza, but Amazon just announced one Prime Day happening that’s not so much deal as it is… opportunity.

Nintendo Switch will be available on Prime Day (Tuesday, July 11), Amazon revealed tonight, but not on its online store shelves, next to deeply discounted Echos and Kindles.

Rather, Amazon is going to sell Nintendo Switch in its physical Amazon Books retail stores, meaning you can potentially walk in and walk out with the hybrid console in hand.

For the perpetually out-of-stock Switch, this could be a godsend to eager gamers.

  • You can pre-order Nintendo Switch on Amazon

There are a few important things to point out. For one, you need to be an Amazon Prime member in order to purchase the Nintendo Switch at Amazon Books.

How Amazon will check your membership status isn’t clear, but we’re sure it has its ways (which, admittedly, probably involve a simple cross-check of your account details).

You’ll also need to get to an Amazon Books store, which aren’t as easily found as Barnes & Nobles of the early 2000s.

There’s an Amazon Books store located in Paramus, New Jersey, New York City, San Diego, Chicago, Seattle, Portland and two cities in Massachusetts. You can find addresses – as well as see what locations are coming soon, maybe in time for Prime Day 2018? – on this page.

Finally, Nintendo Switch will only be available to purchase while supplies last, and only on July 11. This could mean the console sells out quickly, leaving you empty-handed.

While this is a clever gimmick to get people into its Amazon Books stores on Prime Day, the Nintendo Switch sale is also likely a play by Amazon to entice more people to sign up for a $99/year Prime membership.

Will it work? Who knows, but there will undoubtedly be a few quite happy new Nintendo Switch owners come tomorrow.

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