Nintendo Switch is in stock for Cyber Monday in the US

Finding the Nintendo Switch in stock has been almost impossible before Cyber Monday 2017, but we’ve found the console available to buy on GameStop and Amazon.

The catch? You have to buy the $359.99 Nintendo Switch Mario Kart bundle from GameStop, but that’s a recommended game you should be buying anyway. And while this version comes with gray Joy-Con controllers, you can buy the more popular Neon Blue and Red controllers separately right now, too.

Without a game, we’re seeing a $299 Nintendo Switch deal at Amazon for just the console. It’s listed as temporarily out of stock, but pro tip: you can still add it to your Amazon cart now and it’ll ship when it’s back in stock.

Either of these Nintendo Switch deals are perfect if you’re looking to buy the incredibly popular video game system before Christmas, as it’s likely to be sold out through Cyber Monday in the US.

$299 for Nintendo Switch from Amazon
It’s listed as temporarily out of stock, but you can actually order it right now from Amazon and it’ll ship to you once it becomes available again, meaning expect to open this on Christmas.

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