Nintendo Switch finally gets its first video app…in Japan

Since before the console was released users have been clamoring for video streaming services to make their way to the Nintendo Switch

Now the console has finally received its first such app, although it's unlikely to be one that many western users will have used, or even have heard of. 

The service itself is called Niconico, and it's a Japanese video sharing site in the same vein as YouTube. 

So where are Netflix and YouTube?

Niconico is a far cry from mainstream streaming services, but its arrival signifies that Nintendo is serious about bringing non-gaming functionality to the Switch. 

In the past Nintendo has confirmed that streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu will be coming to the console 'in time', but so far we haven't seen much movement in the area. 

At least the arrival of Niconico shows that there is development happening in the area, suggesting that similar apps from YouTube and Netflix might be closer than we'd previously thought. 

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