My Husband Dressed Me Up For a Week, See What He Chose

Find out what will happen in a style experiment if a wife lets het husband pick her outfits for a week. The results of this fashion challenge are quite unexpected and eye-opening.
Men have their own idea of what’s appropriate for a business meeting, parent-teacher conference and visiting the parents. They like bright colors and bold combinations and aren’t afraid to experiment with styles. Colin chose every outfit carefully, and his wife came to the conclusion that they’re all suitable for every day.
Don’t be afraid to experiment. You don’t need to look for the right occasion to put on an evening dress or jeans and a T-shirt. If you feel comfortable and you wanna wear something, don’t hesitate for a second! If you feel confident in a certain outfit, if your husband looks at you with eyes full of adoration, don’t think twice! Give this experiment a try.

Monday 0:26
Tuesday 1:33
Wednesday 2:18
Thursday 3:10
Friday 4:02
Saturday 4:48
Sunday 5:30
The Results 6:13

-Find out what the perfect outfit for a business meeting looks like according to men.
-Who could have thought men like fun little accessories and bright colors so much.
-Looks like a skimpy little black dress is perfect for an anniversary date according to men.
-Colin thought the best outfit for a parent-teacher conference was a short red dress.
-You’ll be surprised to find out how comfortable and stylish overalls can be, when paired with slip-ons and a baseball cap.
-Turns out you can feel really happy even dressed in clothes that don’t go together very well.
-Colin made his wife feel elegant and feminine at home wearing a long black dress.
-Don’t be afraid to experiment – you’ll definitely be pleasantly surprised!

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