Moto Z2 accidentally revealed by Motorola itself

There’s now little doubt as to what the Moto Z2 looks like, as it’s seemingly just been shown off by Motorola itself, albeit not intentionally.

We’re expecting to see the Moto Z2 officially on July 25, but Motorola’s Chinese website seems to have jumped the gun a bit by posting an image showing a trio of what appear to be Moto Z2 handsets alongside various Moto Mods.

The design seems a lot like that of the Moto Z2 Play, with what looks to be a metal shell, and of course a connector for Moto Mods, but while the Z2 Play has just a single lens camera, the phone shown here has a dual-lens one.

Strong specs and mods

Numerous rumors have spoken of a dual-lens camera, so its presence doesn’t come as much surprise.

The image (which has since been removed) doesn’t give away much else, but based on other rumors the Moto Z2 might have a 5.5-inch QHD screen, a Snapdragon 835 chipset and 4GB of RAM, making it comparable with other recent flagships.

And you’ll be able to use it with various Moto Mods, such as the ones pictured here, which include a Turbo Power Battery Case, Hasselblad True Zoom camera, 360 Camera, Portable Photo Printer, JBL Speaker and GamePad.

Via Droidholic

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