Mobile phone deal of the week: Galaxy S8 with 16GB data for £29 per month

Barely two days had passed since we waved goodbye to our exclusive Samsung Galaxy S8 deal for Amazon Prime Day, before we managed to find another glorious Galaxy S8 deal. And this time you don't have to settle for only 2GB of data per month – this brilliant new tariff from Vodafone gives you a bountiful 16GB!

With monthly payments of only £29 per month, this offer from e2save isn't simply cheap. It's actually the very cheapest way you can own the Galaxy S8 on contract right now, with only a little over £800 to pay over the course of the two year contract.

So if it's a Galaxy S8 you're after (and why wouldn't it be? Check out our gushing review below), then this is the phone deal to go for. No codes, no cashback, no funny business. Just a tremendous tariff. Our pleasure…

Samsung Galaxy S8 deal of the week

Samsung Galaxy S8 | £110 upfront | 16GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £29pm
Belting 16GB plans from Vodafone come and go, but we're delighted to say that this is the cheapest we've ever seen on the Galaxy S8. It's a massive amount of data for streaming Spotify and Netflix, downloading podcasts and scrolling social media without much danger of exceeding your allowance. And you get unlimited calls and texts, too. Suffice to say, you've stumbled your way on to a quite brilliant deal – we can't see you finding better this side of Black Friday! Total cost over 24 months is £806

Get this deal: at e2save

From its  beautiful bezel-free screen to its majestic 12MP main camera, the Galaxy S8 is a phone that offers an exceptional experience for any user. It isn't perfect – there are niggles around the performance of the biometrics – but it isn't far off. And this deal of the week is the best price we've witnessed since its release.

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