Microsoft ends all support for Windows Phone

It's time to pour one out for Windows Phone 8.1, as Microsoft officially ended support for the mobile platform today.

Forecast previously on an official page, Windows Phone 8.1 — and by extension, the Windows Phone platform as many know it — will no longer receive any further upgrades, updates or security check-ups from Microsoft.

While this is an end to the era of Microsoft attempting to wrest a piece of the mobile pie away from iOS and Android, the PC purveyor's work in the sphere isn't quite finished.

Windows 10 Mobile, the mobile extension of Microsoft's desktop OS and successor to Windows Phone 8.1, is still kicking. Microsoft is even rumored to have new Windows 10 Mobile handsets in the works.

As to where Microsoft could take its mobile initiative next, CEO Satya Nadella teased earlier this year that the company is still interested in making smartphones, though they may not look like the ones we're used to.

While it's speculation, we're crossing our fingers that Microsoft isn't done with mobile just yet, and that Nadella is teasing something big — possibly the rumored Surface Phone — as the technology behemoth's next project.

In the meantime, here's to Windows Phone 8.1 — it, um… definitely tried.

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