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Mastering Microsoft Office: How to Use Excel

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The office environment may seem boring on the outside, but inside it is a hectic crunch of data mountains and thousands of ideas. To get ahead, you need to use Excel.

Understanding how to use Excel, and the rest of Microsoft Office, requires a good understanding of how spreadsheets and data management work.

Today we will run you through the basics of Excel, what it is good for, and where you need to grasp its best functions.

The Keys Toward Mastering How to Use Excel

Excel, despite looking like a basic spreadsheet software, has a lot of complex applications. Like all of Microsoft Office, it is easy to learn and hard to master.

For most operations, you only need a firm grasp of the basics. While this article will go over the key elements of Excel, there are many more details if you wish to master further.

The Basics of a Spreadsheet

Starting with the very basic, a spreadsheet is a grid where the columns and rows help the user to organize data. You determine one value for the rows and one value for the columns, and their intersections give you the combination of those values.

In many circumstances, you have various values and data charts. You will need to determine which data goes into which areas.

Ensuring that everything is in place and comes to the appropriate intersections will be the key struggle.

Potent Uses of an Excel Spreadsheet

Excel can cover many key elements of office life. Without it, a lot of information will remain unorganized and retrieving any data at any moment will be next to impossible.

1. Analyzing and Storing Data

The basic element of Excel is to analyze and store data. An Excel file can contain thousands of entries and its automatic calculations can provide endless amounts of cross-analysis.

2. Making Data Entry Easier

Because you can slot data into a single Excel cell and the cells retain organization and numbers, data entry can be easy.

The only setup you will need to begin is to have the data in general organization. It doesn’t have to be meticulous, only enough to determine which cells, rows, and columns each data entry needs.

3. Data Recovery

Since the Excel program can store a vast number of data per file, recovery of data can go from nightmare to easy. Restoring a single file instead of hundreds or even thousands makes light work.

4. Simple Math Help

When you place number information into two different cells, you can make calculations appear in other, related cells.

For example, if you put a number of sales throughout the week within a single column, then have a total row listed at the bottom, the total sales numbers of that week will appear in that bottom cell.

Excel-ing in the Future

Understanding how to use Excel can be a basic lifesaver in the hectic office workplace. Sometimes it is the smaller things that can slip by.

Excel is only one of the many important programs and tools available to businesses around the world. We here at Approid Technologies keep up with the latest in technology so that it can be right here for you. Check out our other articles today!