LG V30 release date, news and rumors

Update: The LG V30 will be announced at an event on August 31, and TechRadar will be there to show you the latest on the phone first. Read below for more rumors about the upcoming LG handset.

While some might argue that LG plays it relatively safe with its flagship smartphones, the same cannot be said about its V-series devices.

Gearing up for the LG V30, the company will likely follow the same path it has taken before with the LG V10 and LG V20. That is, to build the strangest, most feature-packed phone that it possibly can.

The LG V20 offered a lot to love, what with its two screens, a dual-camera setup, a removable battery, quad DAC, microSD support, among other things. It was also the first phone outside of the Google Pixel to come with Android Nougat installed, which is no small feat. Simply put, this phone was a remarkable value even if it was a tad on the expensive side.

Here’s everything we know about the LG V30 and following that, we’ve listed out exactly how we hope this upcoming release shapes up. 

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? LG’s third take on its feature-rich phone
  • When will it be out? August 31 launch is nailed on, release date is not as clear
  • How much will it cost? Not cheap. Likely over $700 (about £537, AU$942)

LG V30 release date and price

LG has typically released its V phones in its flagship off-season, which just so happen around the time that Apple brings its new iPhone models to market as well as Samsung launching its Note phablet series.

TechRadar has now been invited to an LG press conference on August 31, which heavily suggests it will be the launch of the LG V30.

LG didn't release the V10 or V20 in the UK, so it may not release the V30 there either, but considering the launch of the V30 is set to take place just before IFA 2017 in Berlin, Germany it may hint at a European release for the phone.

As far as price goes, this smartphone won’t be cheap. Though this isn’t a flagship in the typical sense, you can expect to shell out flagship prices for the V30. 

LG V30 rumors, news and confirmed features

Details on this new phone are scant at the moment, though Google might have dropped the biggest hint to its existence at Google IO 2017 when it said that it will support Daydream VR out of the box. 

This, of course, means that not only will it meet spec in terms of power with the Snapdragon 835 likely to be behind the wheel, but it will be the first LG phone to have an OLED screen since the LG G Flex 2 – a mandatory inclusion to be Daydream-compatible.

We’ve heard reports that LG will be bringing OLED to its smartphones later this year, including the LG G7, so Google’s tease more or less confirms it. 

Double screen

Thanks to tweets from respected tech insider Evan Blass, we now have a better idea of what the V30 will look like, including the fact that it looks like the V30 will be sticking to its predecessors screen-under-screen display.

Obviously, as Blass references that these are "old-ish" mockups, there is the possibility that the phone that we actually see may be quite different but given the previous models having dual-screen display, it's likely that the V30 will too. For a look at what this screen will look like in action, check out Blass' further tweets:

From the tweets – shared by Mashable – it looks like the second 'under-screen' screen will be primarily for functions like app selection and typing, enabling you to do two things at once while keeping an app fullscreen. Although it does also looks like there could be an option to use both screens as a single screen with a vastly different aspect ratio:

LG V30: what we want to see

The LG V10 and LG V20 are well-received because they offer basically every feature that many users demand. So, a lot of what we want out of its next iteration is more of the same, to a degree. 

A few other manufacturers have adopted LG’s dual-screen layout, which takes some oomph out of the feature. But there are still a bunch of ways that the V30 can stick out when it releases this summer or early autumn. 

A global release

LG, you need to go wide with the LG V30. Smartphone enthusiasts from regions outside of the US have sat idly by with each V release, but that needs to stop.

The LG V20 had global appeal in several ways, what with its military-grade durability, removable battery and dual-lens camera system. When you really think about it, LG’s decision to keep it locked to the US is baffling. 

A flexible display

Based on reports and followed up on by a strong tease from Google, the LG V30 will have an OLED screen, the first we’ve seen at LG since the LG G Flex 2. 

Let’s take things a step further and add a flexible display onto the list. Maybe it will have some sort of signature curve, or heck, it could break new ground as the pioneer of smartphones with a display that flexes to your needs.

As much as we’d like this, our interview with LG during MWC 2017 makes this reality seem a ways out:

“We’re in a position to release a change in form factor like that, conservatively, in two years. Now, that could change. It’s a question of finding the proper timing and the right usage scenarios for us. It’s not just a form factor change, it’s a device change. This sort of thing will no longer be referred to as a smartphone. There has to be a shift, and I don’t know what that is right now.” 

A 3.5mm headphone jack

We now live in a world in which this has to be on a feature wishlist. But for the LG V30, keeping its headphone jack is especially crucial, as it means that we’ll also likely see the return of the V20’s awesome quad DAC technology that amps up the sound quality all-around the device.

“Jack of all trades” is more or less the mantra of the V series and losing one of its best trades would make it a tough sell, that is unless it helps to pioneer Android O’s hi-res Bluetooth codecs. Let’s just not let it come to that. 

No camera bump

Given the sheer size of the LG V20’s camera bump, it was somewhat of a miracle of engineering that the one on the LG G6 impressively sat flush within the chassis.

So, it’d be awesome for LG to keep the momentum going by giving the V30 an equally flattering look. 

HDR-ready display 

While smartphone displays that support HDR content are popping up at a faster pace, it never hurts to add one more to the pile. LG usually opts to sidestep the competition with its V smartphones, but this would be one area where joining the club would be nothing if not a good thing. 

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