LG G7 could land in January to try and beat the Samsung Galaxy S9

You might assume that the LG G7 would be at least a few months away, given that the LG G6 was announced in February and hit stores in March, but one site is claiming that the LG G7 might arrive as soon as January.

Business Korea claims that LG is “considering” a January launch. Supposedly the possibility of an earlier launch is because the LG G6 apparently benefited from arriving before the Samsung Galaxy S8 and other rivals.

Samsung is also rumored to be launching the Galaxy S9 earlier than expected by revealing it in January, so LG would need to do the same if it wants to stay ahead of – or at least in line with – the competition.

It’s not clear where Business Korea got this information from, so we wouldn’t count on its accuracy, but it makes some sense that LG would want its flagship to be available before or at the same time as the Samsung Galaxy S9.


If the LG G7 does land in January the obvious venue would be CES 2018, which runs from January 9 to January 12.

We don’t know a huge amount about the LG G7 yet, which is another reason to treat this rumor with suspicion, but we have heard that it might have a Snapdragon 845 chipset and an OLED screen, both of which are things the Galaxy S9 will probably also have.

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