Latest iOS 11 beta version hints at a livestreaming feature

As we get closer to the official release of iOS 11, it appears a new feature may make sharing the upcoming operating system even easier.

During its latest developer beta, it appears a “Start Broadcast” button has been uncovered in iOS 11, according to The Next Web.

While the button doesn’t seem to actually broadcast currently, (pressing the key just starts a screen recording feature) it’s being speculated that the newly uncovered button allows for instant livestreaming of what’s on your phone.

Of course, there’s no confirmation from Apple yet regarding the Start Broadcast feature’s use — or even if it will even be available in the publicly released version of iOS 11 — but if this really is a new way to stream from a mobile device, we can see why Apple would be jumping on the opportunity.

User-based video streams have become mega-popular in the past few years, with YouTube and Facebook Live becoming major venues for watching feeds while Amazon-owned streaming service Twitch recently updated its own mobile app to support broadcasting.

While we can’t call it just yet, it’s possible that Apple also sees the potential in freshly beamed content from a handheld devices, and we look forward to learning what’s going on in that regard later this year.

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