Labor Day sales: who has the best deals this weekend?

This long weekend’s Labor Day Sales are a great chance to sit back, relax and enjoy a well-earned public holiday break. Don’t snooze for too long though as there are a grand selection of deals to take advantage of from your favourite electronics, gaming and gadget retailers. This could be one of the last discount periods we see ahead of the Black Friday deals.

With so many retailers getting involved though, we’ve dug through the Labor Day sales to bring you some of the best discounts around we’ve found, after all, you don’t want to spend the whole weekend sifting through those fake deals.

If you do prefer browsing through the sales yourself, especially if you’re not too bothered about techy deals, we’ve included links directly to the Labor Day Sales pages of a selection of US retailers for your convenience.

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This year Labor Day is Monday September 4. But we’re expecting the Labor Day sales to really kick into gear today – Friday September 1. We’ll advise of the latest retailers and the best deals as and when they happen.

Pretty much every major retailer has something planned for the Labor Day sales. We’ve rounded up a collection of links to multiple sites that will have some noteworthy deals over the Labor Day weekend, with individual deal highlights just below them too.

Labor Day sales:

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Labor Day sales highlights:

labor day sales

Xbox One S with Battlefield 1 $243 @ Amazon
Recent weeks have seen Xbox One bundle price stubbornly stick at prices higher than we’d like. This is a decent price though as it includes the excellent Battlefield 1 game, a shooter that’s held it’s price well since release last year.

PlayStation VR | PS4 Camera | Batman: Arkham VR | $360 @ B&H
Elsewhere this weekend, we’ve seen Labor Day sales bring the PSVR headset under $400 at a few stores, but this is out favorite bundle by far. Not only is this the cheapest price for the headset, but you’re getting the PS4 camera (required for the headset to work) and a copy of Batman: Arkham VR thrown in for free.

Shadow of War $44.99 @ GMG – was $59.99
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor was one of our favourite games of 2014 and this long-awaited sequel is looking even better. Once again, it’s all about the excellent Nemesis system where enemy encounters have lasting effects throughout the game. So, we’re very ready and a 25% discount from GreenManGaming is a solid saving for pre-order fans.

labor day sales

Amazon Tap speaker $99.99 @ Amazon – was $129.99
Amazon Tap has been a big hit this year and we’re not surprised as this smart bluetooth speaker is the business. It’s not just about the awesome bluetooth connectivity and Spotify interactivity though.That’s just the start as the Smart functions allow you to ask for updates on the news, dial an Uber cab, or even order a pizza.

Amazon Echo $99.99 @ Bed Bath & Beyond – was $179.99
Before you go ahead and buy the older Amazon Tap though, you should seriously consider this Labor Day sale offer from Bed Bath & Beyond. Amazon itself may not have the Echo in stock, but this stunning discount on the Alexa smart-speaker can’t be ignored.

Amazon Echo Dot $44.99 @ Amazon – was $49.99
A modest discount for sure but $5 off during the quiet summer months is pretty good given the excellent value the Echo Dot is even at full price. It’s a lot cheaper than larger Echo or Amazon Tap devices too.

Google Home $109 @ Walmart – was $129
Google Home has faced stiff competition from the Amazon Echo devices, but it’s arguably a better fit for you if you enjoy the Google/Android ecosystem already. Plus you can play the free version of Spotify on Google Home – Premium only on the Amazon Echo. We’ve seen this excellent price once or twice before, but rarely as the Google-flavoured smart speaker is usually $129.

20% off coupon @ eBay
Coupon: P20LABORDAY. Fancy saving 20% on a huge number of items on eBay? Of course you do, and the Labor Day sales will let you do just that over the long weekend. As long as your purchase is on items over $25. The maximum discount you can get is $50 and it expires 8am PT on Monday. The link above takes you through to the Labor Day sale coupon homepage. from there head on over to whatever section you fancy to unleash this 20% off voucher code.

Star Wars Trilogy Blu-ray $27.96 @ Amazon – was $34.14
If you’ve been eyeing-up the six film blu-ray Star Wars boxset for a while, but just can’t bring yourself to hand over money for the prequel trilogy (we don’t blame you) then you should snap up this boxset instead. Bask in the lovely blu-ray treatment of the original classics and try to forget Jar Jar never happened. Want more Star Wars merchandise?> Then check out our latest Force Friday deals.

Hisense 50DU6070 50-inch 4K Smart TV $349.99 @ BestBuy – was $499.99
Hisense is a growing brand in the world of cheap, but decent 4K TVs. This BestBuy offer knocks $150 off this large 50-inch model. As it comes with smart TV apps built-in you’ll have plenty of options to stream the latest content too.

Anker SoundBuds Slim Wireless Headphones $19.99 @ Amazon – was $34.99
These popular ‘wireless’ earbud headphones are getting their best price yet thanks to the discount in Amazon’s Labor Day sale. These cheap headphones are water-resistant and offer up to seven hours of battery life. If you’ve been looking for something cheaper than those high Airpods prices, these are worth a shot.

Dyson deals @ Bed Bath & Beyond
Dyson vacuum cleaners aren’t cheap. However, bid your time and cheaper deals will become available – as today proves! Bed Bath & Beyond have knocked up to $100 off a range of Dyson models this weekend. Cordless, V7, handhelds, Big Ball and more varieties of Dyson are getting involved.

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