Labor Day sales: where to find the find the best deals

Labor Day is a great chance to take a load off, sit back and take advantage of the public holiday sales from your favourite gadget, electronics and gaming retailers. As tempting as it is to wait for Black Friday, there’s a good chance you could grab a discounted bargain ahead of the crowd today instead.

We’ve had a good look through the Labor Day sale items at the top stores online and you can find some highlights below. Prefer to look through the Labor Day sales yourself? You’ll also find links to the big stores that are rocking some Labor Day deals this weekend.

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This year Labor Day is Monday September 4. But we’re expecting the Labor Day sales to really kick into gear the Friday before, on September 1. Not that hasn’t stopped some retailers from starting a few days earlier. We’ll advise of the latest retailers and the best deals as and when they happen.

Pretty much every retailer will have something planned for the Labor Day sales. We’ve rounded up a collection of links to multiple sites that we think could have some decent deals on over the Labor Day weekend. 

Labor Day sales:

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Labor Day sales highlights:

labor day sales

Xbox One S with Battlefield 1 $248 @ Amazon
Recent weeks have seen Xbox One bundle price stubbornly stick at prices higher than we’d like. This is a decent price though as it includes the excellent Battlefield 1 game, a shooter that’s held it’s price well since release last year.

labor day sales

Amazon Tap speaker $99.99 @ Amazon – was $129.99
Amazon Tap has been a big hit this year and we’re not surprised as this smart bluetooth speaker is the business. It’s not just about the awesome bluetooth connectivity and Spotify interactivity though.That’s just the start as the Smart functions allow you to ask for updates on the news, dial an Uber cab, or even order a pizza.

Amazon Echo Dot £44.99 @ Amazon – was $49.99
A modest discount for sure but $5 off during the quiet summer months is pretty good given the excellent value the Echo Dot is even at full price. It’s a lot cheaper than larger Echo or Amazon Tap devices too.

Google Home $109 @ Walmart – was $129
Google Home has faced stiff competition from the Amazon Echo devices, but it’s arguably a better fit for you if you enjoy the Google/Android ecosystem already. Plus you can play the free version of Spotify on Google Home – Premium only on the Amazon Echo. We’ve seen this excellent price once or twice before, but rarely as the Google-flavoured smart speaker is usually $129.

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