Jio Phone: Your Questions Answered | What You Should Know Before Buying

You had a lot of questions about the new Jio Phone. We take the most frequently asked ones and answer them for you. Use the timings below to jump straight to yoqur question:

00:46 – Does the Jio Phone run on Android?

01:30 – What apps are present on the Jio Phone?

02:22 – Is there support for WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube?

03:11 – Is the Jio Phone single SIM or dual SIM?

03:30 – What other connectivity options does it have?

04:40 – Does the Jio Phone have the hotspot feature?

05:15 – Does the Jio Phone come with a SIM card? Can I use another Jio SIM with it?

05:56 – Can I use a different carrier SIM in the Jio Phone?

06:24 – How to connect to the TV? Does it have the TV cable in the box?

07:36 – What memory does the Jio Phone have? Is it expandable?

08:41 – Does the voice assistant work?

09:36 – Is FM Radio present on the Jio Phone?

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