iPhone 8 Review [Part 1]

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The iPhone 8 is already one of the most recognizable smartphones on the planet – because you have to look really close to discover it’s not just an iPhone 7 with a glossy paint job. But spending two days with an iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in New York City reminded me that you shouldn’t judge a smartphone by its chassis. The iPhone 8 family carries the fastest processor on the market and better low-light cameras than the competition – quite a far cry from the “specs aren’t everything” Apple of years past. Join me for part 1 of my iPhone 8 review/iPhone 8 Plus review, and stay tuned for Part 2 coming the week of September 25!


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MrMobile’s iPhone 8 / 8 Plus Initial Review was made possible by a collaboration with iMore. The review units featured in this video are pre-production samples on loan from Apple. They were tested over the course of two days and two nights in New York City on T-Mobile and AT&T.

Audio for this video was recorded on a ClipDigital lapel mic connected to an iPhone 8 Plus review device. Late in the editing process, VO input levels were found to be too low, requiring amplification in post. MrMobile knows it’s sub-optimal – but not to worry! He’ll be back in the sound booth for Part 2!


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