iPhone 8 colors: what shades will the next Apple phone come in?

Update: A new rumor suggests there may only be four colors for the iPhone 8 including white, black, rose gold and a new reflective design. Read below for everything we've heard so far on the iPhone 8 colors.

The iPhone 8 is just around the corner, with rumors of that flagship, the iPhone 7S or even both launching by the end of 2017.

New iPhone models often bring with them a range of new colors or the dropping of older hues, and the excitement around the look of the iPhone 8 has already begun.

We expect to see a variety of color options for the iPhone 8 when it launches and we likely won’t know any of them for certain until September this year, or perhaps even later.

Most of the colors you'll see below are predictions based on previous iterations of the iPhone, or have been included thanks to a report by The Leaker citing South Korean media sources.

So with that said, here are the colors we expect to see the iPhone 8 launch in.


The latest rumor for a new iPhone 8 color comes from Apple leaker Benjamin Geskin who suggests there may only be four colors for the phone, but one will be an interesting new design.

It suggests there will be a reflective version of the phone for the very first time alongside the standard white, black and rose gold. 

The photo above doesn't show the reflective version of the phone as it's a case from another manufacturer, but Geskin provided it as he says it looks quite like the design he's expecting from Apple.


Red was a new addition for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and only launched in March 2017, but the shade seems to have been a success so we'd expect to see Apple continuing this color for the iPhone 8.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in red were offered as a partnership with AIDS fundraising charity (RED), and if Apple decides to go red again we'd expect it to be alongside this philanthropic initiative.

Jet Black

Jet Black launched with the iPhone 7 and gave the handset an entirely new look, bringing a glossy, piano-like finish that's been popular among those willing to spend a bit more on the phone.

Given the new iPhone 8 could be a bit more expensive, we'd expect this shade to come along when the new phone launches.


This has been a staple color for the iPhone for quite some time so we'd expect Apple to include this alongside Jet Black for the iPhone 8, giving you a more matte version of the dark hue. It's hardly the most exciting color, but it's often one of the most popular.


Silver iPhone 7

All the way back at the iPhone 5 was when the Silver variant of the iPhone launched, and considering half the people we see seem to be walking around with phones that shade we'd expect Apple will also offer this color for the iPhone 8.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold

Rose Gold always seems to sell well for Apple, so there's no reason to not expect the company to keep selling this bold color choice. 

However, if Apple doesn't launch an iPhone in every color (although, given it's the anniversary, that could be precisely what it does do) then this one could be up for the chopping block, as it's probably the most 'fashionable' on this list.


Gold iPhone 7

If Apple does want to keep up with the bling-tastic iPhone 8 though, we think Gold is the most likely option, with its understated shades offering a more subtle way of saying 'I know what color I like, and I'm sticking with it.'

Another wildcard color

Apple may decide to include another totally new color option for the iPhone 8 and we're excited to see if that happens. 

The iPhone 7 range saw the introduction of both Jet Black and Red, so we have our fingers crossed that we'll see an entirely new, bold color option when the iPhone 8 release date rolls around.

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