Increase Productivity With These 5 Awesome Online Collaboration Tools

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Remote work is here to stay—it has grown by 115% in the past decade. But if you’re working remotely, across cities and time zones, how can you stay connected?

Many companies use software and apps to collaborate online effectively. With the right tool, you can communicate instantly, host video meetings, manage projects, and stay connected from anywhere.

If you’re wondering which online collaboration tools are right for your team, keep reading to find five of the best.

1. Zoom

If you need to collaborate with remote workers, Zoom is one of the best online collaboration tools. It lets you host video conferencing meetings, allowing you to see and hear all team members.

A phone call can’t replicate a face-to-face meeting, but a video call is pretty close. Zoom has both free and paid options, with the paid version giving you more time per meeting, so research which is best for your team’s needs.

Zoom’s audio is crisp and clear, the video is high-quality, and you can record meetings directly through the platform.

2. Slack

A top tool for team collaboration is Slack. Available as an app or via your web browser, Slack gives you the tools to create channels for various teams.

Use the channels to share ideas, ask questions, or discuss team projects. You can also send private messages, making Slack an easy and convenient alternative to email.

Slack is intuitive, colorful, and simple.

3. Asana

One of the best online collaboration tools for project-based work in Asana. Asana allows you to easily assign tasks or projects to individuals, a great way to keep everyone on the team organized.

It helps to manage workflow, assign deadlines, and keep your team performing at its best.

4. Microsoft Teams

If your company is using Office 365, you probably already have access to a fantastic tool—Microsoft Teams. It’s a communication tool that helps you share documents, start group chats, and store files.

It’s designed to streamline communications within a team and is one of the most widely-used online collaboration tools.

5. GoToMeeting

Another great online tool for your arsenal is GoToMeeting. If Zoom isn’t for you, GoToMeeting might offer just what you’re looking for.

It’s a video conferencing tool, but it also lets you share screens, schedule events, and even a virtual whiteboard feature for notes.

Use These Tools to Collaborate Online with Ease

With the right software and tools to collaborate online, it’s easier than ever for teams and colleagues to be productive online.

If your team could benefit from increased productivity, why not try out one of the tools above? Most have free versions, making it easy to sample a few until you find the right product for your needs.

Get started today and take your output to the next level!

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