If You Can Read This, You’re Exceptionally Gifted!

There are a lot of qualities that exceptionally bright people have, and one of them is that they can easily figure out the missing parts to see the whole picture. Reading between the lines and between the hidden elements is definitely a sign of a genius. Are you able to do that? Let’s find out with this simple test! You’ll see a couple of erased words. Your job is simple – try to guess what these words are! You’ll have 10 seconds for each word.

Music: If I Had a Chicken – Kevin MacLeod

Level 1: 4-letter words 0:50
Level 2: 5-letter words 1:57
Level 3: 6-letter words 2:14
Level 4: 7-letter words 4:32
Level 5: 8-letter words 6:15
Level 6: 9 and 10-letter words 7:59
Level 7: only a genius can read this one 9:07

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