Huawei Mate 10/Pro: Hands-On With “The Intelligent Machine”

The Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro offer a fresh new design, lots of battery capacity, and a camera that builds on an impressive legacy. They’re also powered by one of the most-hyped processors of the year: the Kirin 970’s “Neural Network Processing Unit” promises to help the phone take better pictures, predict your actions more quickly, and age more gracefully. I spent about two hours with Huawei’s Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro, and came away more excited for these than any prior phone in the family. Join me for a MrMobile first look!



MrMobile’s Huawei Mate 10 / Mate 10 Pro Hands-On was produced following two hours with Huawei Mate 10 & Mate 10 Pro review devices on loan from Huawei. The devices were running non-final software on pre-production hardware and were not connected to a mobile network.


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