How to Run Remix OS 2.0

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In this video i will show you how you can Run Remix OS 2.0 which is based on android on any Computer / laptop easily in 5Min
System Requirements of Remix Os.
A 8gb Pen drive with 20 Mbps Read and write speed.
A PC BIOS with USB legacy boot option.
Remix OS and USB Tools:-
How to Run Remix OS on PC:

Step 1.Download and Make a bootable flash Drive
First Download Remix ISO from end of post. After Download you will get ISO file and Remix USB Tool in same folder. Now Connect your flash drive with your PC then Run Remix USB Tool on your PC. Click on Browser button to select remix iso file then click on OK button and wait for the process to complete. Don’t remove USB flash drive after process complete.

Step 2. Reboot PC in BIOS Mode
Once the bootable process complete. Reboot your PC into BIOS mode and make sure first boot priority is USB Hard disk.

Step 3. Turn On PC using flash Drive
Now Turn on your PC using flash drive. Once your PC turn on using flash drive a blue screen will appear with dual options.

:-Guest Mode

:-Resident Mode

In Guest mode Once you reboot you will lose all the data and installations apps from your device.

In Resident mode it will save the data and System Configurations for next time and it can be take 5 – 20 minutes to install.
After installation process is complete, it will ask to select the language and accept the User Agreement to run Remix OS on PC. After submit all information you can use Remix OS on your Computer by tap on start button. Share this tutorial with your friends and family.

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