How to install Chrome OS on PC/Laptop 2016!

In this Video I will Show You How to install Chrome OS on PC/Laptop

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What You Will Need:

Chrome OS:
Win32Disk Imager:
8 GB USB Drive:
Step 1: Bootable USB

First, download and extract the Chrome OS image file. Then burn it to your USB using Win32Disk imager.
Step 2: Booting

On your computer or laptop, make sure to boot from the USB. It should take you into the Chromium setup screen. From this point, you can set up your account and keep Chromium running from your USB.
Install to your Hard Drive (optional):

On the Chrome Login screen your four account, type in CRTL + ALT + F2 (forward arrow) to bring up the console window. For the login, type in chronos. Then type in the following:


That should install Chromium to your hard drive. It will ERASE EVERYTHING.

If the above command fails, try typing in sudo bash then retyping in the command.
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