How To Install Android P (Android 9)

How To Install Android P (Android 9)
In this video, We will show you how can you install Android P in your Pixel and Nexus Device if you want to install.
Android P Image File:
Latest ADB File:

Unlocking Bootloader
1. Put the phone in Fastboot Mode (Volume Down+ Power) for Pixel 2
2. Connect the phone to your PC
3. Unzip the System image file(Firmware file) and Platform Tool folder.
4. Copy the Content of the Platform Tools in the Firmware folder and rename the folder Android P
5.For Windows Go inside the folder where you have all the files and Press and Hold the shift key and click on open new Command windows and For Mac Open Terminal (Spotlight Search).
6. Unlock Bootloader (This will Remove the Data on your phone)
1. Windows- Fastboot Flashing Unlock
2. Mac- ./Fastboot Flashing Unlock

Flashing The Firmware –
In your PC extract the image file into the directory of latest ads folder.
Again connect your pixel phone via USB and no double click on this batch file.
It will install the latest Android.
Be patient it will take up to 5 minutes.

As you can see pixel 2 has been rebooted and first boot will take 2 minted approx.

6. Enjoy Android P

Caution :- Unlocking and Locking the Bootloader will remove all the data on your phone. So make sure you have the Backup of your phone.

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