How To Get JIO SIM with Any 4G Phone ,Generate Code,How To Activate,2GB To Unlimited(GUIDE)

How To Get JIO SIM with Any 4G Phone ,How to Activate, How to get unlimited data and calls, How to get unlimited After 2GB Data, How to generate bar code. with any Reliance 4G jio Sim on any 4G Mobile.
In this Video we Share how get reliance jio 4g sim.
Follow video step by step or read below and get your jio 4g sim fore free with unlimited data :

1) first generate code by downloading old my jio apk from above and install it.
Before open it and download all 11 apps and then after that turn off you data and clear your memory
then now again open my jio app and you will see get jio sim option, now click on it and turn your wifi on again
now follow the procedure and get your code

2) now after you get the code send that code in your eligible samsung or lg phone and go to the nearby reliance store and take your adhaar card and photo id and a photo with you
to get a jio sim card

3) after you get the sim within 3 days you will get an sms on your registere mobile number that your sim is ready to use
now,insert your jio sim in your non samsung or lg phone and then go to dialer and dial 1977 and activate it..

4) if you dont have a volte support 4g phone than go to playstore and download jiojoin app and open it(but download with you jio data on)
and now go to dialer inside jio join app and dial 1977 and activate your jio sim

5) after that go to my jio app and sign up then after that you need to sign in and as soon as you sign in you will see that you are getting on 2gb of data

6) now to get unlimited data uninstall all jio apps from your phone and install the old my jio app again

7) now remember after you install it, turn your 4g data on and download all 11 apps again after that as sson as you donwloaded everything,exit the app and turn your data off and clear everything from memory

8) now go in the my jio app again and you will se the get jio sim option again,this time you dont need to click on get jio sim,all you need to click on sign in

9) as soon as you sign in you will see a window popup and here you will need to click on submit button

10) congratulations finally you get your unlimited 4g data calls and sms

11) nothing just enjoy and like share and subscribe

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