How to Build a Perfect Streaming Set Up, Step By Step

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Are you thinking about streaming during the quarantine?

Everyone’s dream is to make their hobbies appealing to other people. For gamers, that dream is streaming their content across the internet. With YouTube introducing a new gaming hub, streaming live on is easier than before.

You can even partner up with Twitch since the platform offers more revenue. This is perfect if your aim is to make more money from streaming. Becoming a streamer means you need to have more than the passion to entertain a live audience, though.

You need a good streaming setup to make yourself worth their investment. Read on to learn how to make a streaming setup that will help you win in the streaming scene.

1. Choose the Right Hardware

Even if it’s not clear on streaming platforms, there are two factions of content creators. These are the console gamers and the PC gamers. Audiences don’t mind much, but some will notice the graphical differences between the two hardware choices. 

If you have chosen to use a PC as your streaming platform, you need to invest in better hardware. It is best to have an Intel Core i5-4670 or the AMD equivalent. Aim for 8GB of RAM, a modern OS like Windows 7, and a graphics card running DirectX 10 or above.

With this setup, you can run most games and stream it with no issue. It’s not possible for most AAA games, though, since they have a higher demand for processing power.

If you don’t have much experience with PC building, then you need not worry. You can opt for stand-alone hardware, instead. Alienware and Origin are good starting points and guarantee quality performance for what you want to stream.

If you prefer to use your gaming console to stream, then setting up is simpler. Consoles have their hardware built into the machine. This means it makes video and audio set up easier.

All you need to figure out is how to broadcast what you’re playing on these consoles. With the Xbox and PS4, a direct connection to Twitch is possible as soon as you start your streaming setup. Other platforms like the Nintendo Switch need more fiddling around with though.

2. Pick the Right Streaming Software

As a streamer, it’s important to show your viewers what you’re playing. Picking the right software that complements your perfect streaming setup can be tricky. You need to choose the right streaming software to give your videos the professional edge.

OBS Studio is a free streaming software available at Windows, Mac, and Linux. It allows you flexible control while creating scenes from many sources. The best part is, you can stream from many platforms at once.

If using software is confusing for you, fear not! Get yourself a capture card. It does the same things as a streaming software, but with a simpler interface.

You will have to spend a bit more, but something like the Elgato Game Capture HD60 S can take a 1080p signal from your console at 60fps. It will then input it to your computer and have it ready to go on stream.

3. Streaming Hardware

Part of the reason why people watch live streams is for the streamer’s candid reactions. What better way to do this than to use the best camera for your stream? Seeing you allows the viewers to appreciate your performance on the platform.

You must also use the best microphone for your stream. Audio is even more important than video when streaming. People can tolerate blurry cameras, but bad audio can decrease your viewership.

Invest in good audio and video equipment to prevent a decrease in viewership. Doing this earlier on in your streaming career helps you build an audience sooner. It will help you keep your viewership high, allowing you to get a partnership sooner.

4. Streaming Accessories

Once your stream becomes successful, then more people will come to watch your content. This means you will likely spend more time sitting down to stream more. You may not even notice that you’re spending tons of time gaming and talking with your audience.

When that happens, ensure you’re in a comfortable sitting position possible to avoid back pain and bad posture. A quality ergonomic gaming chair helps you go through with the routine of streaming.

Getting one also helps ensure that your body won’t feel the effects of sitting still for hours. This is important as bad posture can lead to permanent damage to your spine. This can lead to scoliosis and other spine-related injuries.

5. Proper Lighting

You don’t want your viewers to see a dark space on your camera. You need to showcase your face to establish a brand in different streaming platforms. Proper lighting fixtures is the way to do this.

Use natural lighting to illuminate key areas in your room. Make sure it’s behind the camera to prevent you from getting shadows on your face. It’s often not enough to rely on natural light, though.

You can do what most streamers do and use different lighting fixtures. Ring lights are popular since they’re easy to mount in any setup. They also do a good job of preventing any shadows on your face.

If you don’t have a ring light, you can always bounce light to your key area with reflectors. What’s great is that you can use everyday items like tin foil as reflectors. Angle them in such a way that they’ll direct light to where you’ll sit throughout your stream.

Optimize Your Streaming Setup Today!

Streaming is one way to make your passion into a living. Optimize your setup to look professional and stand out on the platform. Follow these tips to build your streaming setup today!

Do you want to learn about building the best streaming setup? Streaming can become a great way to generate income while doing what you’re passionate about. Learn how you can do this by reading more of our informative guides today!