How to Become Proficient in Excel: A Tech Guide

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Excel is one of the most widely used programs in the business industry. It has become required in almost a job because of its usefulness. But without proper training, how does one become proficient in Excel?

We’ll break down what you need to know on how to become proficient in Excel and start scoring a new position for your career.

1. Learn Shortcuts

Shortcuts are the key to any program you are using. Knowing a quick combination on your keyboard is always going to be quicker than switching tabs and trying to find the right tool you are trying to use.

While copy and paste are universal, specific shortcuts to Excel include Alt+A which goes to the Data tab and Alt+M which goes to the Formula tab. Both help speed up the process of inserting and utilizing data more effectively.

If you want to learn more shortcuts, be sure to check out Microsoft’s official shortcut list for Excel.

2. Import Data

Sitting down at the computer and endlessly typing in numbers can be boring and seem pointless. Depending on how long you are going for, it can lead to an increase in hand cramps and fatigue.

This is why one of the most effective basic Excel skills is being able to import data. Excel makes it easy to import data from the internet thanks to the ability to Import External Data option.

It makes entering external data much easier, and then you can use the shortcuts you learned earlier to make the finished sheet even better.

3. Display Formulas

Excel is all based around formulas. Whether it be finding the average of what you are spending every month for the business, or simply adding up the total number of new customers, there is a formula for everything.

Nothing can be more irritating than forgetting these formulas though. Thankfully, one of the shortcuts for Excel is switching from the normal data view to the Display Formula view. A quick press of Ctrl + ~ and your program will now display formulas rather than the results of the formulas.

If your company using Interop, be sure to check our C# Excel Interop, where they break down the confusing lines of code. Learning how to get better at Excel is made 10 times easier this way.

4. Creating Graphs with the Data

Looking at numbers is one thing, displaying that information as a graph is another. Data visualization makes it much more apparent on how the number you are looking at correlates to how people should feel.

Thankfully, Excel has a built-in graph option to quickly translate the numbers you have been given into a nicely managed graph. Ranging anywhere from a simple bar graph to a complex data chart, there is nothing Excel’s tools can not do.

How to Become Proficient in Excel: Key Takeaways

Regardless of how you go about it, learning how to become proficient in Excel is a valuable asset. Whether it be for your current company, or for your resume for a future one.

If you’re looking to learn more about technology and its role in the business world, be sure to check out our other articles. If you know someone that needs to brush up on their Excel skills, be sure to send them this article.