Honor 9 REB is a limited edition color with more space inside

There’s a new color variant of the well-equipped, and surprisingly well-priced Honor 9, although this hue takes the shine off the key selling point as the price increases with the inclusion of extra storage too.

Announced at IFA 2017 in Berlin and dubbed the Honor 9 REB it’s not, in fact, a red handset that’s fallen victim to a spelling error, rather it stands for ‘Robin Egg Blue.’

Other than the limited edition color and an upgraded 128GB of storage space (versus 64GB in the current models), everything else on the handset is the same as the Glacier Grey and Sapphire Blue versions.

That means you get a 5.15-inch full HD display, Kirin 960 chipset, 6GB of RAM, 20MP + 12MP dual rear cameras, 8MP front snapper, 3,200mAh battery and a front facing fingerprint scanner.

All of this is due to set you back £459.99, which is considerably more than the £379 you pay for the grey and blue variants – although the new model does have double the storage.

Want to see a few more shots of the Robin Egg Blue Honor 9? Sure you do, so check out the little gallery below.

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